All About Our Classic Uggs Boots

The origins of the iconic sheepskin footwear, known as ugg boots can be traced back to Australia. It was during the 1960s and 1970s that Australian surfers would wear sheepskin style boots after surfing, and this made the iconic style widely popular around the world, especially in countries of cooler climates.

Photo of Ugg boot making processUgg boots have also appeared throughout early Australian settlement history, the pioneer style of sheepskin boots were worn by Australian shepherds during the winter months as well as fighter pilots in WWI to keep their feet from getting frostbitten while flying in high altitudes. 

Did you know?

“Ugg” or “Ugg Boots” are a generic term to describe any style of sheepskin boots. In Australia, these terms do not refer to a single brand or company.

Traditionally, ugg boots are made from double-faced sheepskin (sometimes known as two-faced) with the natural wool still attached. The tanning process of the sheepskin allows a leather suede texture to be formed on the outside while retaining the wool on the inside. It is the assembled with a variety of different soles, some with an EVA sole (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) and some with a rubber sole.

At Yellow Earth, our classic style of ugg boots, the Byron, is created to fit the traditional concept of a sheepskin boot while also looking fashionable and, just as importing, to feel comfortable. With over 10 years of experience, we have modernized and perfected our Byron style to better fit your foot and ensure it is made to last for many seasons.

Photo of Yellow Earth's Byron UGG boot

Our Byron is made with a leather suede reinforcement to prevent it from catching a thread when worn indoors or outdoors. Made with a durable and flexible EVA sole, the Byron makes a perfect indoor slipper as well as an outdoor boot, that will keep your foot warm and snug during cold winter days. It is also made with a reinforced heel counter and a shoe last to provide comfortable support while also ensuring that slipping does not occur.

With a variety of colours and sizes in our Byron range, you would be sure to find the perfect fit and colour for your whole family!

Photo of the Black Sheep Mawson Ugg boot

Alternatively, from our Black Sheep range, the Mawson is a perfect boot that is designed to look and feel like a traditional ugg boot while also providing support and warmth. Each of our Mawson boot is made using a thicker and curlier wool type, which not only helps to relieve pressure off your foot but also provide support and comfort. It is fitted with an ultra-flexible and non-slip sole, allowing for easier movement as well as having a removable inner sole, which can be easily replaced with an orthotics or a brand-new innersole to further extend the life of your ugg boots.

Now that you know more about how our ugg boots are made, don't forget to check out our Byron and Black Sheep Mawson range to find the ugg boot for your needs!