Sheepskin For Your Pets

Keep your four-legged friends’ cosy with our short and long wool sheepskin rugs, perfect for any pet big or small!

Ivory Long Wool Sheepskin Rug

With its natural cushiony and dense fibres, sheepskins not only keep your pet snug and relaxed, but they are also great for regulating body temperature and pressure, as well as allowing for optimal air circulation. The sheepskin’s natural dirt repelling, and hypoallergenic properties can also deter pathogens and other irritants in the environment, keeping your pets and family safe and reducing the chances of sickness.

Rather than getting a dull pet bed or generic pet rug, consider our premium and plush sheepskin rugs instead! Alongside providing your pet with comfort, it also complements the aesthetics of your home according to how you like it. Check out our wide variety of long wool and short wool sheepskin rugs available in various sizes and colours, from natural ivory, grey, green, pink, chocolate and more!

Cloudy Grey Long Wool Sheepskin RugIf you are worried about getting your rug dirty, we’ve got you! All of our rugs are hand and machine washable with our special Woolskin shampoo. You can find out more about sheepskin rug care through our article here. This will help to rejuvenate and freshen up your rug.

Our range of versatile short wool and long wool rugs can be placed indoors or outdoors, on floors, sofas, and on pet (and human!) beds, and even in the car for road trips with your furry friends. These durable and long-lasting sheepskin rugs have been and are still loved by pets all over Australia for years.

We’d love to see your fur babies snuggling up to our sheepskin rugs! If you’ve got a photo, send them through at or tag us on Instagram at @yellowearthaustralia for a chance to be featured on this article!