All About Our Sheepskin Slippers

Apart from the national love for flat whites and avocado toasts, Aussies are slipping into the love for comfortable indoor footwear – Yes, we’re talking about slippers and good old moccasins! Even as the summer waves kick in this season, we know that most of us aren’t fond of baring our feet on cold, hard floors. Which is why slippers take on an important role that our poorly insulated homes can’t give us – the well-deserved comfort and warmth for those homebound feet. At Yellow Earth, we’ve got the perfect sheepskin and UGG slippers you need to kick back and relax all-year long in pure sheepskin comfort!

What better way to rest up than with a pair of scuffs?

Men's Classic UGG Slippers, Sheepskin Scuff

Our classic sheepskin scuffs are popular slip-ons loved by many locals over the years, incorporating a timeless design that doesn’t sacrifice comfort for style. Made from 100% natural Australian sheepskin with a fine suede finish on the outside, these classic scuffs provide sufficient comfort and warmth without causing an itch or odour like most synthetic wool slippers do.

Our Lady’s Classic Sheepskin Scuffs feature a soft wool collar around the opening, while our Men’s Classic Sheepskin Scuffs take on a traditional look without the collar. You’ll also find both styles in a range of different colours to match your own aesthetics. In fact, we’ve got two types of soles that you can choose from:

Classic Scuffs with EVA Soles

Women's Classic UGG Slippers, Sheepskin Scuff

What’s an EVA sole, you may ask? EVA stands for ‘ethylene-vinyl acetate’, which is a type of light, flexible sole made from memory foam. It provides premium cushioning and has shock-absorbing properties, giving you the right amount of comfort as you walk on your feet. It’s widely known as a standard sole choice for most sports shoes today, but even an indoor slipper takes much benefit from these soles too.

The EVA soles on our classic scuffs are light, flexible and durable, practical for both indoor and outdoor wear to take out the bins. This is the kind you should get if you’re looking for a more traditional look with a thicker sole to bring your feet off the cold floor.

Classic Scuffs with Rubber Soles

Premium Women's UGG Slippers, Sheepskin Scuff

Compared to the scuffs with EVA soles, our classic scuffs with rubber soles feature a flat, thin rubber sole that’s just as durable and flexible. You might think that the thin sole means less cushioning, but we’ve incorporated a layer of memory foam in between the sheepskin innersole and the rubber sole so that comfort is not compromised.

This style is made from two sheepskin parts stitched down the front of the slipper, offering a slightly unique look to the scuffs. With our rubber sole scuffs, you’ll be able to walk around more with even more flexibility and do the things you love around the house.

Wooly scuffs, Princess Slippers, Moccasins, and more…

Not a big fan of classic scuffs? Slippers, like most types of fashionwear, are versatile and comes in many different styles and design. So if you’re after something that’s different and unique, you’ll want to take a look at some of our other popular slippers on the range.

Traditional Sheepskin Moccasin


Iconic for its traditional look and cultural origins, our traditional sheepskin moccasins are must-haves for those chilly days at home. They are sure to last you many seasons, and we’ve got a wide range of colours and sizes to choose from so you’ll get to find the right pair for your family and friends. (Read our other blog to learn more about these Aussie-favourite slip-ons.)

The Princess UGG Slipper is also a traditional style that’s been in the making for generations, featuring a fold-down wool collar that can be easily rolled up to your ankles for additional warmth and comfort.

Princess UGG Slippers


For the ladies who prefer open-toe slippers, get yourself our fashionable Vicky slippers, featuring a plush lining of sheepskin wool with non-stick rubber soles. But if you rather want to keep your toes covered, we have the Wooly Scuffs just for you. We’re confident that you will love the look and feel of these wool slippers that will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer!

 Vicky Sheepskin Wool Slippers Wooly Scuff Slippers


Shop our range of sheepskin slippers and stock up your slipper collection today!