Taking Care of your little Baby: About our Range of Baby Lambskin Rugs and Liners

Whether you’re expecting a bundle of joy (or more!) into your family or have simply ran out of gift ideas for upcoming baby showers, our naturally soft Genuine Australian lambskins are perfect for the little ones to lay and play on. These short wool lambskins have been loved by babies and parents in Australia for generations and continue to provide great comfort to bubs all around the world. You might even remember having your own beloved little lambskin rug when you were younger!

Why do babies like our lambskins?

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Sourcing only the finest, premium quality Australian lambskins, our products have a soft and soothing touch, providing a sense of security and familiar comfort to your little ones even in unfamiliar environments. The natural hypoallergenic features of these plush wool fibres allow for breathable and steady air circulation.

On top of this, these natural insulators can also absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture, reducing any risk of heat rashes and helping your baby feel dry and comfortable for long. This is also essential in regulating your baby’s body temperature, keeping them cool in summer and warm in winter. 

The dense and springy fibres naturally cradle your baby, evenly distributing any pressure and providing the perfect cushioning and support for their tiny bodies.

What’s the difference between a long wool rug and our baby lambskin rugs?

While our long wool rugs look great around the house, we do not recommend them as baby care products as the wool length is much longer.

Our baby lambskins rugs are short wool, trimmed down to approximately 30 mm, providing safe and sufficient support for your baby to lay or crawl on.

We’re free of nasty chemicals.

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Your baby’s safety and comfort is our number one priority! That’s why our lambskin products are free of any harsh and toxic chemicals, including Bleach, Formaldehyde and Arsenic. Using only A-grade quality sheepskin, our rugs are chrome-free, non-abrasive, and hypoallergenic to ensure optimal safety to support the health and well-being of your baby.

Hint: Pure white sheepskins are processed with bleach. That’s why our Ivory lambskins aren’t pure white, but a natural milky colour ensuring our lambskin rugs are as natural as possible!

Babies can be messy!

With a little TLC, our lambskin rugs will be your child’s companion for years to come. Like all our sheepskin rugs, our lambskins products can be hand washed or machine washable in cold water. Keep in mind, these natural wool fibres are delicate. So, please steer clear of any harsh chemicals found in standard washing detergents. Instead, always use a sheepskin approved shampoo on your sheepskin products, like our Woolskin shampoo.

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Our lambskin baby products range:

Baby rugs

Our baby lambskin rugs are ideal for use as cot underlays, in cribs, bassinets, playpens and/or on the floor during tummy time!  Its thick and cosy wool is suitable for any environment to keep your baby snug and happy.

If you’re out and about, these flexible and versatile rugs are perfect for any type of travel! You can simply roll it up or fold it and pop it in the stroller or baby bag, ready for your bub’s next adventure. The best part is, they come in different colours too! From natural ivory, silver grey, and pink!

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Stroller liners

We understand that strollers come in all kinds of designs, shapes and sizes with safety belts coming from all sorts of directions! You probably had a hard time picking out the right one for your little person too, which is why we made it easier for all the parents out there looking for a stroller liner.

Our lambskin stroller liners are user friendly with a functional, universal design. This means there are pre-cut slots on the leather side of the lambskin to accommodate all kinds of strollers. If the slot is not wide enough or the height needs to be adjusted, these can be easily altered accordingly to the stroller's belt to ensure a perfect fit.

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Pram and Bassinet liners

Our lambskin bassinet liners are hand trimmed to rectangle shape, measuring 70 x 35cm, designed to fit directly in your pram or a bassinet. These are made using our premium Australian lambskin and are available in Natural Ivory.

Photo of our pram and bassinet liner product - Yellow Earth Australia


More About Our Brand:

Our baby rugs are sold under the Country Lambskin brand, which has been supplying premium sheepskin products since 1983. For more information, please visit the Country Lambskin official website.