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Premium Australian Medical Home Health 105cm Sheepskin Rug

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100% Australian Natural Sheepskin

This Home Health Medical sheepskin rug is perfect to relieve pressure points on the body with the large 105cm length providing coverage to the shoulder and hip areas. At Yellow Earth, we use carefully selected Australian Merino sheepskins that are extra dense on the wool side to ensure maximum support and pressure-relieving comfort to you.

Made from carefully hand-selected genuine Australian sheepskin, our Medical sheepskin rugs offer a natural and plush surface that gently supports your body. The dense, soft wool fibres provide a gentle cushioning effect, helping to distribute pressure evenly and reduce the risk of developing pressure ulcers or bedsores.

Aside from their exceptional comfort, our rugs provide numerous more therapeutic benefits. The natural properties of sheepskin regulate body temperature, ensuring a cosy warmth during colder seasons and a refreshing coolness in warmer climates. Wool is naturally breathable, and provides air circulation, reducing the build-up of moisture and maintaining a dry and healthy environment for the body and skin.

Our Medical Sheepskin Rugs are not only beneficial for those with limited mobility or chronic conditions but also for anyone seeking a luxurious and cosy addition to their home. These rugs can be placed on beds, chairs, wheelchairs, or any surface where enhanced comfort and support are desired.

Our uniquely tanned Medical sheepskin rugs are also easy to clean and maintain, ensuring longevity and continued comfort for years to come. Regular brushing helps maintain the softness and fluffiness of the wool fibres, and this rug can be machine washed in a cold wool cycle. For further instructions, refer to our Care Instructions below.


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Hypoallergenic and safe for those with sensitive skin

  • Colour: Natural Ivory
  • Approximate Size: 100-105cm x 65cm
  • Wool density: Very High
  • Wool Length: 35mm
  • Origin: Australia

If you are looking for a CSIRO certified Medical Sheepskin conforming to AS4480.1 standards, please view here

Care instructions:

Hand or machine wash in cold water. Use an approved Woolskin shampoo available for purchase here

Product Details:

  • Product Type: Sheepskin Rug
  • Material: 100% Genuine Australian Sheepskin, Wool
  • Features: Medical sheepskin
  • SKU: G0201MS00BLSBB013
  • UPC: 1001000740001
  • Brand: Yellow Earth Natural Products

Customer Reviews

Based on 102 reviews
Marj Sweeney (Western Australia, Australia)
We are more than hay with the sheepskin it’s beautiful

We are more than happy with the sheepskin it’s beautiful

Heather H (Victoria, Australia)
Comfortable backside.

I can sit in comfort on my lovely Yellow Earth fleece.

Kim Knoblauch (New South Wales, Australia)

Quality skin but thought the pile would have been more tighter for a medical grade skin. Size was perfect for my chair

Maureen Stronach (New South Wales, Australia)
Wonderful product

My husband is at home being nursed to the end stage of his life, with assistance from our local Palliative Care team...but after 52 years as a nurse myself. I knew the advantages of having a GOOD medical sheepskin to minimise pressure sores, and add general comfort. My husband was able to tell me before he lapsed into unconsciousness, that it was the most comfortable thing and the best thing I had ever bought him...he lies peacefully on it 24/7. my order arrived very quickly and I cannot think why anyone would hesitate to buy such a great product. Thanks Yellow Earth for providing comfort to my husband of 55 years.This is a difficult time but one stress is lessened with this product.
On another small note, when my children were babies I also had baby sheepskins for them...they are now 54 and 51, but they always seemed to sleep better on them, so you new Mums think very seriously about getting one for you new baby.

Belinda Hall (New South Wales, Australia)
Sheepskin rug

This is the third time i have purchased this rug
My mum has a lot of medical problems and sits in a recliner most of the day and night the rug certainly keeps her comfortable and bedsore free which is super important. It is truly a wonderful product. Thank you yellow earth for making my mum happy

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