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Mushroom - Double-face Sheepskin Hides - 100% Natural Australian Merino Sheepskin Rug

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Our Top-Quality, Super Soft Sheepskin Rugs

Looking for a soft, smooth and velvet-like sheepskin hide?

These Yellow Earth double-face sheepskin are our A-Grade creme de la creme. They are made from Australian Merino Sheepskin, which is famously used to make our premium Ugg boots.

What's double-face I hear you ask? 

Well, it refers to a sheepskin hide that is used on both sides, which means it must be carefully selected for near perfection on both the wool and pelt/leather side. We also colour dye both sides, rather than just the wool side, like on our long wool rugs. 

If you imagine this hide, cut, and then sewn, it is essentially our ugg boot - wool on the inside and the premium, smooth leather suede on the outside!

As these hides are used in manufacturing, we don't trim them down to symmetrical shapes like our long wool rugs, so you'll find each hide slightly varying in shape and size, giving the hide a natural and organic look. If you'd like to trim it, you can use a sharp box cutter and cut with the leather side facing up.


Size: approximately 115cm x 85cm. Please note, each hide will have varying dimensions.
Wool length: Clipped short to 18mm
Material: Genuine Australian Merino Sheepskin
Colour: Mushroom

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Zoe Richards
Great quality rugs from a great Aussie business!

Highly recommend

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