Top 2022 Christmas Gift Ideas: Sheepskin Footwear, Lambskin Rugs, Alpaca Wool Socks & More ...

‘Tis the Season for Sheepskin Gifts!

We’re already excited for Christmas! How about you? It’s that festive time of the year where love is passed down to our dearest family and friends through thoughtful gifts, but we’re always left scratching our heads first with the age-old dilemma: What should I get for such and such person this Christmas?

In this jolly season, we’re going to expand your list of 2022 Christmas gift ideas with some of our top-selling products, all things sheepskin. So, if you’re looking to put a big smile on someone’s face this coming holiday, look no further!

Christmas Gift ideas for mum and dad

Parents can sometimes be hard to please, but we know that no parent will refuse a Christmas gift that’s all about comfort. Pass down the Christmas warmth to mum and dad with our top-selling sheepskin footwear, made with 100% genuine Australian sheepskin and crafted with timeless designs.

For a comfortable footwear to rest in during the holidays, consider our sheepskin women's and men’s scuff slippers, a perfect indoor treat that will keep your parents’ feet snug and comfortable all-year long.

Sheepskin scuff slippers

Or if you want to go for a more traditional and unique type of sheepskin footwear, join in the many Australians who’s rocking a moccasin at home. Our traditional sheepskin moccasins are one of the best ones out there, available in the largest range of colours and extended sizes so you can find a perfect pair for mum and dad!

Christmas gift ideas for the little ones

Got a newborn in the family, or a cute toddler to spoil? Leave them jolly with our baby lambskin rugs, loved by babies and parents in Australia for over 20 years. These genuine short-wool lambskins are perfect for your little ones to lay down and play on, providing a sense of security and comfort with a soothing touch of the wool.

Baby Lambskin Rug

Not only are these lambskin rugs hypoallergenic, but they are also natural insulators that keep the littles ones warm during the winter and cool in summer, reducing any risk of heat rashes and giving a perfect amount of cushioning for their tiny bodies!

Find them in a various of colours, such as a natural beige or a cool flint grey. Your little ones will be sure to love these soft and comfortable lambskins!

Christmas gift ideas for your friends

Invoke the Christmas spirit with your close buddies, by gifting them one of our alpaca and merino wool socks. Unlike cotton socks that does not retain heat well and warm up your feet during the winter, the fibres of these genuine wool socks contain microscopic air pockets that act as natural heat insulators to maintain warmth provided by the wool, which is a great benefit if you’re prone to cold feet during the winter months.

Alpaca and Merino Wool Socks

Our Yellow Earth socks come in two types – we have alpaca health socks made from 60% alpaca wool and 20% wool (for women, and men), which is thick and warm around the feet. We also have merino and alpaca socks that are made of 50% fine merino wool and 45% Peruvian baby alpaca (for women, and men). Both socks do not have elastic tops which adds comfort and helps to improve and support blood circulation to your feet.

For more Christmas gift ideas, head to our website and shop our range of sheepskin products!

This Christmas, we encourage you to do your Christmas shopping extra early. Australia Post and many other couriers continue to announce that they are experiencing delays across their whole network due to COVID, therefore please allow for plenty of time for delivery (and check our shipping & deliveries page for the most up-to-date shipping cut off times).

Our team at Yellow Earth will continue to process and dispatch all orders out daily, and we do offer international shipping worldwide, so if you have a family or friend about to head into Winter overseas, why not gift them one of our genuine Australian sheepskin Ugg boots to keep them warm this Christmas!