Medical Sheepskin - TGA Certified, CSIRO Approved - Don't Be Fooled By Imitations!

Quite often, we are contacted by customers looking for a sheepskin product, either for themselves or for their loved ones, who may be going through medical treatment or simply needing something to relieve either temporary or ongoing pressures on their body.

At Yellow Earth, we have a great range of premium certified Australian Medical Sheepskins designed to provide maximum comfort as well as preventing pressure wounds such as bed pressure sores or Ulcers.

Quality and Certification of our Medical Sheepskins

All our Green Medical sheepskins are fully registered with the Therapeutics Goods Administration (TGA), which is the regulatory body for therapeutic goods in Australia, and part of the Australian Government’s Department of Health.

Each Medical sheepskin is also endorsed and approved by CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation). You can see this stamp of approval on each of our Medical Sheepskins, including our Manufacturer’s ID number (MNF) ‘14’.

Our certified Yellow Earth Medical Sheepskin products are currently used throughout several Australian hospitals, Aged Care Nursing Homes, as well in-home domestic use for over 15 years.

What is the difference between a regular and Medical Sheepskin rug?

Whilst both are made from genuine Australian Sheepskin and provide great comfort, our Green Medical Sheepskin takes it a step further to provide the highest level of pressure relieving properties and support, that a standard sheepskin rug cannot provide.  

Photo of Yellow Earth's Medical Sheepskin Underlay

Although, all of our products are made from Australian Merino Sheepskin, not every Merino sheep are exactly the same. Each sheepskin will vary slightly from another in wool density and thickness of each wool fibre. During the first stages of tanning, our team of experts will select raw hides of extremely high density and strong wool fibres with a natural crimp or spring-like look.

Our Medical Sheepskin underlays and rugs are clipped to a length of about 25mm, which is the optimal pile height to allow an even distribution of body weight and optimal support around for the body.

Benefits of a Medical Sheepskin rug or underlay.

Closeup photo of Yellow Earth's Medical Sheepskin Rug

For those confined to a bed or wheelchair, these long periods of sitting or lying can cause great discomfort, especially with the development of pressure wounds such as Bedsores and Ulcers. Our Medical Sheepskin Rugs can reduce this discomfort through its natural properties by decreasing this built-up pressure, increasing blood circulation, while regulating body temperature.

On top of this, Medical Grade sheepskins have the ability to soak up a large amount of moisture, releasing it into the surrounding environment at a much faster rate than regular sheepskin. This keeps the patient’s skin dry and warm, allowing for maximum breathability and air circulation around the body. This characteristic is particularly important when it comes to the development of pressure sores and other wounds as ongoing friction with regular fabric can aggravate the skin, increasing the likelihood of damage.

How do I wash my Medical Sheepskin Rug?

Our Medical Sheepskin Rugs are resistant to high temperatures; tolerating heat as high as 80 degrees Celsius in the wash, which is essential for disinfection and in preventing the spread of bacteria. To assist you with washing your Medical Sheepskin Rug, all our Medical Sheepskin Rugs come with easy-to-follow washing guide attached the back of the rug.

The green colour of our Medical Sheepskin Rugs represents that it meets the Australian Medical Standard and is High Temperature and Urine Resistant.

Blacksheep Health Care Range

As part of our medical range, we are proud to present our Blacksheep Health Care footwear. Made from dense and curly wool and a non-slip rubber sole, our Blacksheep shoes are specially designed for all-day wear, keeping your feet warm and comfortable, while relieving pressure and providing added support for those who need it.

With a wide selection of styles and sizes, our Blacksheep range are designed to not only be comfortable but easy to slip on.

Photo of Black Sheep Australia's Buller medical boot

For those looking for a classic Ugg boot style but with extra support, styles like our Black Sheep Mawson boots are the ones for you! But If you are someone who’s having a little trouble bending over to put on a generic style Ugg boot, look for our Blacksheep styles with a Velcro or zipper opening for an easier wear, like the Argyle or Buller. These functional designs allows for an effort-less wear, taking away the hassle of tugging on a generic style Ugg boot or slipper.

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