Black Sheep Healthcare Range - Taking Care of Your Feet

We’re no strangers to foot problems. As we spend most of our days on our feet, it is quite common to experience foot pain, especially when we tread on hard pavements or stand still for long periods of time. In certain cases, foot problems can be due to underlying medical conditions.

Take diabetes as an example - Did you know that high blood sugar contributes to poor blood circulation around your feet? Because of this, people with diabetes face an increased risk of developing foot problems such as ulcers, hammertoes, or neuropathy. If you experience stabbing pain near the heels, particularly in the morning, you could be facing a common cause of heel pain called plantar fasciitis.

Too often have we also seen customers who dread through the winter days with cold feet, which only aggravates upsetting foot problems. Having said that, it does not mean you need to live the rest of your days in discomfort or in the cold. Shoes have evolved over the years to better cater and support problematic feet, and our sheepskin products may be a good solution for you!


At Yellow Earth, we believe in happy, healthy feet fostered by the shoes you wear. Which is why you’ll find that our Black Sheep healthcare footwear embodies the attention to thoughtful design, bringing day-to-day comfort, practicality, and health benefits to every step you take.

Black Sheep Fleece Easy Boot

Unlike many boots out there that are made with synthetic wool, we use 100% natural Australian medical-grade sheepskin. Each pair of boots are lined with dense, curly, spring-like wool that acts as a cushioning, helping to relieve pressure and inflammation that can potentially lead to calluses or open sores on the soles of your feet. Its naturally-crimped fibres are known to evenly distribute weight and reduce any chance of pressure points, which may negatively affect blood circulation. In fact, sheepskin are perfect insulators to keep your feet warm and snug during cold temperatures, while also keeping your feet dry with its moisture-wicking quality. Say goodbye to cold, numb feet!


We understand that it can be difficult to put on a shoe, especially if you have swollen feet or if you have trouble bending down to wear a generic style boot. Our Black Sheep healthcare range addresses this issue with versatile-designed boots, created to make putting on shoes easier for you.

Black Sheep Alpine Boot

We have boots that feature a Velcro hook-and-loop strap, such as our Fleece Easy boot, that provides easy wearing with just one hand and allows you to adjust the shoe for an optimal fit. The Argyle boot is a similar style that can be fully opened up, so that the wearer or caretaker can carefully put the boot on. Alternately, you can slip in and zip up with the Buller or Clayton boots, designed with a side zipper that also allows an easy slip-on with no fuss!

Black Sheep Argyle

These boots are fitted with a flexible and non-slip rubber sole, along with a removable inner sole that can be easily replaced with orthotics or a brand-new inner sole to extend the life of your boots as you wear them overtime.

With many of our customers choosing the Black Sheep healthcare footwear for their comfort and needs, we’re confident with the quality of our shoes and have also been recommended by local podiatrists to buy for their clients.

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